Thinking Of Selling Your East Bay Home Yourself Or Going With A Discount Brokerage?

Even in a seller’s market like East Bay, it’s smart to look at your options and see what will actually help you best reach your goals with the sale of your East Bay house. It’s important to know your options when selling a house. Dive in and learn the differences when you hire Heather Thomson, Realtor, sell yourself, or a cut-rate limited service agent.

Working With Heather Thomson, Realtor For Sale By Owner Cut Rate Agents
Time To Sell:  Lower average days on market (typically under 20) Studies show selling yourself adds on average 20+ days to the time to sell the house** Depends on how comprehensive the service is to help market and negotiate the home
Typical Sales Price: Houses sell for 13% higher prices* when working w/ a broker vs. FSBO 13% less* than an experienced agent is able to negotiate Depends if their service includes full negotiation services or not
Marketing Costs: $0 – We pay for all marketing and do all of the marketing work $500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more. $500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more.
Types Of Marketing Included: MLS listing, professional yard sign, our team of buyers agents, featured online listings, open house if necessary, and more!  None. You’ll need to purchase all of your marketing separately. MLS, other marketing usually extra
Time Commitment From You:  Very little. We want this to be as hands off as possible for you so you can enjoy the process. 3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc. 3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc.
Fees / Commissions:  Competitive commission structure. But we save you time, headache, and stats show we can help you sell for a higher price vs. FSBO $100-$1,000 for materials and FSBO website listings. Flat fee or reduced commission for reduced services and assistance.
Legal / Contract / Advice:  100% included. We handle all of the contracts, documents, setting up escrow and closing, and more! We worry about the details so yo can relax. You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally. Not always included, when it is it may be limited. Ask the agent what they include and will not include.

Research shows that a full service agent can help sell your house on average 20 days faster and for 13% more, which is why 89% of home sellers choose to work with a local full service Realtor.

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Skilled Guidance, Less Hassle, Better Results, & Peace Of Mind…

There is an art and science to selling a home: From deciding where your money is best spent in preparing your home for sale, to assembling thorough property disclosures, to determining the right list price, to conducting innovative, effective and top quality marketing that really captures people’s attention AND reaches the largest possible audience, to fielding all calls from buyers and agents, to showing the house, to holding broker’s opens and open houses, to setting up and navigating escrow, to uncovering the real pros and cons of each offer received, to sidestepping costly pitfalls, and more –  these are all reasons why choosing a good Realtor really matters.

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** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes on average 20 days longer to sell a house on a FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.